Dawn Hole Tools

Down Hole Tools

A New generation of Well Bore Clean-Up Tools designed to save time and improve the effectiveness of well bore clean-out operations.

Chatman Consulting continues to collaborate with developers of Well Clean-Up Tools for new applications and to improve operational efficiency. The range now includes Coiled Tubing clean-up tools, Junk Catchers, Self-Centralizing Riser Brushes/ Scrapers and the Self-Centralizing Casing Brushes/ Scrapers.


Chatman Consulting is presently in the final development stages of a new generation of enhanced performance Well Clean-out Tools: the Chatman Consulting  Combo and Down Hole Magnet tools. The company also continues to develop innovative consumables for Well Clean-Up Tools to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency: Brush pads, Scraper blocks and Stabilizer sleeves.