Drilling Production Enhancement Chemcials

Drilling Production Enhancement Chemicals

Chatman Consulting is a  supplier of specialty drilling fluid additives and production enhancement chemicals to the oil and gas sector.

Our range of products will:

  • reduce non productive time on site
  • assist and improve wellbore stability
  • prevent severe to total drilling fluid losses to the wellbore
  • prevent differential sticking
  • reduce excessive torque and drag
  • improve hole cleaning
  • Can increase oil production, reduces water cuts and minimizes operational costs.
  • Effects the viscosity of the heavy oil, increases the sweep efficiency, enhances the porosity and permeability of the reservoir and raises the reservoir pressure. This extends the life cycle of the oil field.
  • Cleans and removes the mud cake blocking the well bore, and prevent the formation of grease deposits.
  • Eliminates pollutants completely in the horizontal section of the well, release of oil and gas flow smoothly, thus increases the flow of oil in the horizontal section of the producing well.

In addition to our range of down hole products Chatman consulting provides a range of services both on and off site including:

  • designing technical proposals and solutions on a well-by-well basis
  • providing engineering services and training in the correct applications of our products on site

Emulsion Breakers

Viscosity Reducers

Scale Inhibitors

Micro Biocide

Corrosion Inhibitors


Paraffin & Asphaltene Solvents