Sweetening Services

Sweetening Services

"When oil & gas quality is at its worst, Chatman is at its best”…… Improving oil & gas quality is Chatman’s business. Our suite of Fuel Conditioning Systems processes raw oil & gas into sweetened, consistent fuels for end-users

Our NanoActive sulphur scavenger (NASS) has been developed for use in both powder or granular form for neutralization of H2S in Oil, Gas & Produced Water Applications. NASS is applied in liquid carriers including surfactants, wet and dry scrubbers, as a catalyst with excellent results with non-hazardous and environmentally friendly bi-products. The system can be delivered through existing facilities minimizing CAPEX for the customers. We do recognize however that high H2S requires continuous consumption of NASS and logistics, therefore in cases we propose to utilize for a small increase in CAPEX a propriety H2S system called GTUIT. The GTUIT system is fully modularised and we combine NASS and GTUIT offering a total technical and commercial solution.

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