Hybrid Power Plant

Hybrid Power Plant Solution

Hybrid application combines reciprocating engine/s (gen-set/s) and a renewable source/s of power. Chatman focuses only on applications with gen- set/s. Chatman system continuously monitors data from all sources of energy, including solar, wind or hydro and gen-sets. Chatman controllers can control multiple gen-sets and command PV inverters.

How it Works

The hybrid system uses a combination of renewables and reciprocating generators to generate electricity. The usage of renewables can significantly reduce the consumption of fuel and the amount of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere. Chatman´s control system for hybrid applications enables you to use the best combination of renewables and diesel to save fuel and maximize your power system reliability.


Advantages of Hybrid Applications

  • During the day the PV output reaches its highest output. In this case the gen-sets output is reduced.
  • Reduce diesel consumption automatically.
  • Visualization of the power plant operation
  • Energy Production Reporting.
  • Load Sharing Management.